360Quadrants recognizes Cisco as a Visionary Leader in the Cloud VPN Software

360Quadrants, the world’s only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced reviews, has released a quadrant on Cloud VPN software to help businesses make quicker and more informed decisions.

Cloud VPN operates on cloud-based network infrastructure and is sometimes referred to as hosted VPN or VPN as a Service (VPNaaS). Cloud VPN provides global VPN access to end users such as subscribers and third-party users over the public internet. A VPN is mostly meant to permit a user, an internet connection, over a server, run by an enterprise. As most of the data or information on the server is encrypted for privacy, a cloud VPN software can provide secure access over the internet for use of a private network through a virtual environment.

The cloud VPN market has been segmented into component (software, services), connectivity type (site-to-site, remote access), organization size (SMEs, large enterprises), end user (service providers, verticals), and region.

Cisco Virtual Managed Services has been identified as a visionary leader in the cloud VPN space given its extensive product features, high product quality, reliability, suitable channel strategy, and wide geographical footprint. 360Quadrants also lists competitors of Cisco Virtual Managed Services in the cloud VPN space.

Cloud VPN offerings from Cisco aim to deliver valuable insights and intelligence from data. The company has an established product portfolio with a robust market presence and business strategy. Some of the major developments of the company in the cloud VPN space include:

Cisco acquired Duo Security

Cisco acquired a private company, Duo Security. With this acquisition, zero trust authentication and access products of Duo get easily integrated with network, device, and cloud security platforms of Cisco. This integration helps customers of Cisco to connect users to any application securely. Technologies of Duo will also help Cisco accelerate its intent-based networking strategy.

Cisco and Airtel collaborated to build the largest 5G-ready IP network

Cisco collaborated with Airtel to build the largest 5G-ready, IP-based fully automated network in India. This new IP-based network helps guarantee seamless interoperability and the ability to leverage existing investments in its MPLS-TP network.  This collaboration will help Airtel offer world-class high-speed mobile access to its customers and deliver improved subscriber experiences across the country.

Cisco combines its SD-WAN and security to deal with the new cloud edge

Cisco combines its security and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies to help enterprises increase the adoption of cloud. These technologies help IT deliver better application experiences and make users productive than before with simplicity and scale.

Verizon and Cisco extend Software-defined networking to Support 5G mobile devices

Verizon focuses on expanding its offerings to help organizations accelerate their digitalization to support 5G capabilities in the future. Virtual Network Services offered by Verizon support 5G devices on SD-WAN platform of Cisco helping manage network traffic easily application performance across all networks.

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