Atexsports Company One of the Best sport brand product Manufacturer in korea

Atex Co. Ltd is the original and the largest Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape OEM manufacturer in South Korea with over two decade of manufacturing experience. We export premium quality Private Label (OEM) kinesiology tapes to over 30 countries worldwide and our OEM customers combined lead the majority market share of this industry.

ATEX Worldwide

ATEX is the largest Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape OEM manufacturer in South Korea with over 15 years of experience. We export premium quality Private-Labeled tapes to over 30 countries worldwide.

Customer Satisfaction

ATEX is committed to always delivering the best quality products. We believe that delivering quality and customer satisfaction is the sole reason we are the leading manufacture in Korea.

Profit Reinvestment

We always reinvent 30% of our profits towards researching ways of improving our products quality and performance. We have a research department testing new technologies.

SportsTex Kinesiology Tapes,

House brand of ATEX

It’s the application of the study of the mechanics of body movements

SportsTex, is a premium kinesiology therapeutic tape, it offers all of the therapeutic benefits and can be applied in a variety of methods. SportsTex Tapes are very flexible and adjustable to suit your needs. SportsTex Tapes can be used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, physicians, to decrease muscle pains and improve movement and performance.

ATEX the maker and owner of SportsTex only use best material in the production of our premium quality tapes. SportsTex tape are also exported to Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.

All produced in Korea

We only use best materials for high quality kinesiology tape under strict quality controls. All materials are made in Korea.

SportsTex Kinesiology tape is made of 97% cotton fabric and which is designed to be the same thickness and elasticity of the skin. This premium quality cotton fabric makes the tape breathable and comfortable to wear. SportsTex Tapes are latex free and water resistant. kinesiology therapeutic tape manufacturer Korea

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