Bitdefender antivirus to enhance your online protection

It is becoming the common news of Internet security apertures that resulted in thousands of personal data being compromised. The best way to start protecting your valuable information and content is to secure your workstation, mobile device, and notebook. There are hundreds of antiviruses available in the market. With so many choices it is difficult to choose the optimal one for your device. Bitdefender is regarded as one of the best antiviruses for internet security purpose. Its total security suite offers a very good range of features. The 2015 version of Bitdefender aims to make life easier for customers by introducing Profiles which adapt the software for particular tasks like watching movies, playing games or general office work.


Bitdefender is an antivirus developed by a Romania based software company in 2001. Now, it becomes the leading corporate and home protection antivirus and received many awards. This antivirus is also known for the threat detection technology with extremely lightweight, which gives you the least performance impact.

Bitdefender Home

Bitdefender consumer protection includes Internet Security 2015 & Total Security 2015. Internet security should avail more users while Total Security will meet the most demanding advanced users. Internet Security and Total Security is relevant for students and small office home office environment with a little number of users.

Bitdefender Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)

 Bitdefender SME includes a central administration console which provides you the overview of your network. Now you are able to watch Bitdefender activities on every protected PCs or notebook in your network so that you can have a good idea on where the source of infection or attack is coming and take preventive actions. You can have the console hosted with Bitdefender on the cloud or have it installed in-house. The prices of SME are based on the number of users. A special discount is provided for those who switch from other solutions to Bitdefender.

Features of Bitdefender:

  1. Protection from malware: Bitdefender provides you with the best protection from malware, spyware etc.
  2. System impact: Bitdefender is the most light-weight antivirus, so the system impact is minimum.
  3. Interface: The interface of Bitdefender is very simple and easy.
  4. Cost: Bitdefender in cheaper than some other popular antivirus like Avast.
  5. System performance: The performance rate of Bitdefender is unbeatable.
  6. Password manager: Bitdefender antivirus provides you a password manager. Using password manager you can secure your all username, passwords and other important details.
  7. Secure browsing: This antivirus provides a secure environment for online shopping and transactions. This protects you from phishing.
  8. File Shredder: This helps you delete sensitive files permanently, so no one can ever retrieve them again.
  9. Two-way firewall: It provides you with a two-way firewall which checks all the incoming and outgoing traffic.
  10. Anti-spam: This feature allows blocking spams coming in your network.

These are some marvelous features of Bitdefender, it also some more features like anti-theft property, one-click optimizer, disc cleaner etc. Contact Bitdefender phone number for more exclusive features.


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