Capture Co., Ltd. is a formal exclusive supply contractor for the PHC pile joints

Capture Co., Ltd. experienced businesses in China over the past decade. With the recruitment of trading and marketing professionals and close cooperation of China-Japan-Korea Economic Development Association Capture Co., Ltd. has strengthened trade business with China such as raw materials and resource development, and Capture Co., Ltd. is making every effort to contribute to the foundation of Korea’s industrial future.

Capture Co., Ltd. promises to provide only reliable products and services as an overseas and domestic B2B leader through major suppliers. Capture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 to start a business software development for financial industry. Capture Co., Ltd. has performed the sales and marketing of ATM equipment with cooperation of large corporations and financial institutions and consulting businesses.

PHC-stress high-strength pile joint:

Sahyeon Gukbal Kijanban Co., Ltd of Fujian was founded in 2000 and is a professional manufacturer for high-strength PHC pile joint. We currently employ 800 people including 150 advanced technology personnel and more than 300 intermediate technical personnel.

The company has two large thermal compression production lines and heat relaxation joint production lines and three centrifugal cast iron joints, multiple joints finished product processing line. We produce annually 110,000 tons of joints (about 700 million), and our major products are the PC-stress pile joint and PHC-stress high-strength pile joint.

The company has its own export quotas since 2004, and we have been exporting to countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam. Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan. We have been chosen by Sahyeon Pre-fectural Committee and Government in 2007, 2008. 2010. 2011 as Company of Export Excellence. It has already in collaborate and communicating with a large number of environment experts and securing demand market which business need the skills required in this environmental technology.

CAPTURE LTD do our best and always thanks to many people and company who work for environment-related R&D, technology development and specialized personnel to develop environmental experts.

Our welded joint has also acquired a Chinese invention patent. (patent number: 2009203109890)

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