Capture Co., Ltd., with Chinese aluminum group Rare Earth Industry Co., Ltd.

Capture Co., Ltd. as strengthened trade business with China such as raw materials and resource development, and Capture Co., Ltd. is making every effort to contribute to the foundation of Korea’s industrial future.

Rare Earth Elements:

Capture Co., Ltd. is the leading aluminum group, China’s largest Aluminum Corporation of China’ s Chinalco Rare Earth (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. as a formal supply contractor for all the rare earth supply, such as atomic number 57 to 71 (the series of 15 elements of lanthanum and 17 elements including scandium (Sc) and yttrium (Y, atomic number 39).

Aluminum Corporation of China:

Aluminum (Group) Corporation, Chongqing is a state-of-the-art modernized technology company mainly for the rare aluminum and aluminum alloys and offset printing to PS plate of research and development, production and sales, and it has 35,000 m2 and 50,000 m2 scale of R & D / Work-shop.

Aluminum Corporation of China, with Jiangsu nationally designated aluminum-related five companies and one trading company established Jungrwi Rare Earth Co., Ltd. to advance into the Rare Earth Industry. Aluminum Corporation of China has the current annual extraction and exploration rights to concessions over the direction of the Rare Earths, Rare Earth separation single treatment. It is a rare earth specialized company capable of producing 34,700 tonnes of large rare-earth.

Chinese aluminum group Rare Earth Industry’s:

We implement Chinese authorities’ formally legitimate production and shipment procedures and quotas. We promise the highest quality through strict management due to the large production organization. We contribute to meet the needs of the market situation and to your cost savings through the best competitive price. Capture is a three-year supply contractor with China for your stable long-term supply contracts. It is capable of sampling and testing of a small amount of order production supply for your reliability. We provide a formal order, T / T and L / C at sight payment condition to increase the efficiency in the way of your payment.



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