Capture LTD experienced with the most optimal bio-mass producer in China.

Capture Co., Ltd. promises to provide only reliable products and services as an overseas and domestic B2B leader through major suppliers. With the increasing demand on the low-carbon green energy, Capture LTD was ready to be the industry leader with special emphasis in reusable bio-mass energy of wood pellet biofuel business.

Ideal bio-mass producer:

Capture LTD not only can provide competitive prices on various types of bio-mass materials; furthermore, capture already in collaboration with Shandong Province (China) bio-mass industry to develop a production plant of one million metric tons in Feng County to meet the increasing demand of the Korean market. Feng County has an abundance of various materials coupled with very low production costs, has become the most ideal bio-mass producer in China.

Economical bio-mass products:

In addition to a very accessible transportation road and rail system, well developed public utilities, and sea port, Feng County Economy Zone has become a major contributor to the ever increase demand of bio-mass materials for both the Chinese as well as the Korean markets.

With everyday increasing demand on bio-mass, with its large-scale manufacturing facility in producing bio-mass and through long term supply agreement, Capture can provide the utmost economical bio-mass products for power plants and similar industries in Korea.

Environment-related business in the future:

Capture LTD pays attention to reduce environmental hazards and environmental restoration for the purpose of providing products business activities and services, cause by air pollution, waste water, waste, noise, vibration, measured deterioration of soil and other environmental problems. It is sparing lots of time and effort to prevent to pollution of the environment futuristic Pro – directional processing technology industrialization and not limited to traditionally focused on environmental pollution management business areas.

Capture LTD has already in collaborate and communicating with a large number of environment experts and securing demand market which business need the skills required in this environmental technology.

CAPTURE LTD willing to work with domestic pollution treatment and out-standing career in the field of environmental experts and work together worked into China and other overseas markets pathways; meanwhile, in the foreign environment-related equipment and auxiliary materials also will spare lots of effort to introduce Korea.


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