Details To Look Out When Hiring Moving Professionals In Singapore

Most of us experience home moving at least once or twice in our lives.

However, when it comes to hiring a professional mover, most of us are at lost as to which movers are the best.

You can easily find house moving professionals in directories, while sometimes you choose to trust your own connection and network by asking around for recommendations.

What do house movers provide?

Before your move, house moving professionals may prepare in advance and giving you a quotation via 3 methods:

  1. Site survey
  2. Photos
  3. Phone calls/checklist

This allow them to give you a better estimate of the total cost of your move, coupled with the distance of your relocation.

After arriving at your new home, your house movers will unload your boxes and furniture into the right rooms. If you have booked a complete unpacking service, the moving professionals will unpack your boxes for you after they have been unloaded.

Last but not least, movers will collect their payment (usually deposit first) and have you sign the relevant paperworks to certify that all your belongings have arrived at your new home safely.

What is involved in the whole process of the removal service?

  • Customers fix an appointment with a mover for quotation (via any of the above mentioned 3 methods)
  • Movers will send their surveyor down to assess and give a quotation
  • Customers satisfied with the quotation will confirm with the selected mover.
  • Customer pays a deposit first (usually no more than 50% of the total price)
  • Movers will acknowledge and activate the job, sending their staff on the date of removal.
  • Full payment is made once job is completed.

How do movers set prices on services?

Most movers use the following as a guide to their pricing:

  • Moving services provided
  • Volume of items to be shifted
  • Manual work or labor needed (e.g. for moving in area through staircases without lifts)
  • Long pushing distance
  • Before / after working hours
  • If storage is needed
  • Duration (total time needed)
  • Packing / unpacking moving services
  • Number of carton boxes to pack / unpack
  • Disposal services
  • Disposal fee
  • Handyman services
  • Complexity of job
  • By the hour

Do I need to pay a deposit? Why do I need to pay?

Most if not all house movers require a deposit. Usually the deposit is deducted from the total moving cost after the move has been completed.

Do movers provide cartons and packing materials?

This depends on the moving company. Most house movers in Singapore will provide cartons and other packing materials like bubble wrap, newsprint and tapes. However, they are usually sold at cost. It is best to clarify with the moving company regarding this question.

How long advance is the notice required?

Most movers require at least 2-3 days in advance.

Depending on the moving companies and SGHomeNeeds network of movers, you can schedule a few hours in advance.

What’s my role on the moving day?

On moving day, it is best to have your belongings packed accordingly in the carton boxes. This will greatly smoother the process and save time and effort.

Valuable items should be packed by yourself and notify the movers if they are fragile items.

Can I change my date of removal last minute?

This depends on the moving company you are dealing with. Some may impose cancellation or postponement charges.

It is generally recommended to give at least 7 days of notice to change your confirmed date of move. Kindly clarify this with your mover.

Can I change or cancel my bookings?

It depends on the movers. Most movers allow you to cancel or amend your booking up to 24 hours before the scheduled moving date/time. The deposit may be forfeited if the booking was cancelled or amended in less than 24 hour’s notice.

What if the quantity of boxes I’ve order is insufficient?

At any point of time, should you realize the carton boxes ordered are not enough, you should notify your mover immediately for delivery of additional carton boxes.

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