Empower your Shopify eCommerce with Facebook Store for greater ROIs

Empower your Shopify eCommerce with Facebook Store for greater ROIs

Empower your Shopify eCommerce with Facebook Store for greater ROIs

Shopify is a right platform for the people who want to start an online store. Its multi channel sales abilities allow the users to craft a store online easily. Shopify’s app known as Shopify Facebook Store runs on Facebook and lets merchants sell their products in a scalable, quick and easy manner. It also helps the customers browse through the products easily and quickly.

Integrating Shopify Store With Facebook

If you integrate Shopify store with Facebook, it will help to boost your sales and profit as it makes marketing a more natural process. Also, it increases your store engagement and helps in building the trust of customers. With Facebook Shopify API, you can post your collections and products in a single click on Facebook.

Advantages Of Having Shopify Facebook Store Setup

Shopify Facebook store helps your business in the following ways:

Simplified and Quick advertising

Integrating Shopify with Facebook allows you to advertise the products to a multitude of Facebook users, thus helping you to increase your consumer base. You can boost sales and attract customers with just an appealing image and a good description of the product.


Since Facebook lets you view the product, like, click and purchase it, integrating Shopify with Facebook allows you to analyse your sales as well as customer behavior. You can also access the page analytics with this integration. Hence, it will help in marketing your products in a better way.

Better client servicing

If you integrate Shopify store with Facebook, customers can buy products even from Facebook Messenger. This not only provides you with sales support but also allows you to troubleshoot the problems that arise during the checkout procedure.

The design is Mobile friendly

Shopify Facebook integration supports your mobile devices too. This allows the customers to browse and purchase products from their mobile devices. Examples of Shopify Facebook Store are Master & Dynamic, Bestself.co etc.

Hire Shopify Developer from a reputed company to reap in the benefits offered.

How To Integrate Shopify Store With Facebook

  • Install Facebook Tracking Pixel

Facebook tracking pixel tracks the activity of users and displays how many clicks are turning into conversions. This helps you to analyse the efficacy of your Facebook advertisements. To install tracking pixel on Shopify platform, you first need to find ‘Pixels’ in Facebook Ad Manager. Next, you need to highlight and then copy pixel ID no. of your account. Then, you need to select Online Store after navigating to your Shopify store. After that, click Preferences. Now your pixel will run by just pasting the pixel ID no. of your account in the text box. This procedure helps in tracking conversions like search, view content, initiate checkout, add to cart and purchase etc.

  • Synchronize Facebook Shop with your store

Shopify allows you to sell services and products via Facebook directly, thus letting you synchronize Facebook Shop with your store. Shopify’s Facebook app is absolutely free and needs a Shopify lite package at just $9/month.

  • Setting up advertisements for Facebook and Instagram

With the help of Facebook’s dynamic ad, you can run personalized re targeting campaigns. Facebook and Instagram ads show the exact products users have been looking for on your website. This method also involves the use of the app, so the hassle of altering the coding gets eliminated.

  • Feature UGC in your website

User Generated Content (UGC) takes into account word of mouth marketing strategy where people trust customer experience more than the label or the brand. UGC is drawn from different social channels helping you to increase your sales.

An app called Sneez’s shoppable Instagram feed encourages customers to create User Generated Content on Instagram by sending them an email automatically.

Shopify – A Perfect Medium To Sell Products Online?

Shopify has hundreds of pre-defined unique templates so that you can create your website and sell your services online. Once you start with the app, it provides you with an up-to-date shopping cart with secure hosting and smooth order processing which helps you get the most out of the eCommerce store.


Shopify Facebook Store helps in getting higher conversions, increase the processing speed and give a better appeal to the products. This, in turn, leads to an increase in business revenue and boosts your sales and profit.

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