Get Overview of Solar PLUS Service System providing in Korea

Solar Plus trains professionals to keep solar power plants with the best technology while providing the optimum solution for the customers.


We try our best to be humble, listening to the customers ‘opinions in order to survive in this fast-paced industry.

Solar PLUS Service System

Cleaning Service

Solar plus Team completely gets rid of contamination on the

Surface of solar energy modules in order to enhance

The power efficiency.

– A solar plus team with maintenance professionals visits the solar power

Plant to do cleaning.

Coating Service

  • If you apply AR coating, the modules will absorb more light,
  • Enhancing the accumulated power efficiency.
  • We apply the special, nano-coating product called ‘MaxSolar’,
  • with anti-reflective function.

Cleaning Tools

  • We use HiFlo Kit, a professional solar power cleaning tool,
  • to easily clean the modules in high places.
  • It can extend up to 8 meters / Nylon brush installed to prevent damages to the
  • modules’ surfaces / Water Spraying Function


Weeding Work, Angle Management, and Module Change

Cleaning Service

  • Power Efficiency Improved,
  • and Cleanliness Maintained
  • 1~4
  • Times Annually
  • Ask to HQ

Coating Service

  • Semi-Permenant
  • Ask to HQ


  • Removing power
  • distrubing elements
  • Elongate the
  • device’s life
  • 1
  • Times Annually

Cleaning Tools

  • Direct Cleaning Work
  • Please refer to the price list for
  • the rear panel cleaning tools

Cleaning Service

Cleaning enhances the

Power efficiency by 9.8%

(Annually 12,160,000 KW revenue up)

▶ Power plant standard

(Capacity 500kW / smp 100 won, rec 100 won

Weight Value 1.0 / One Day generation Time 3.4)

To collect sun-light, solar power panels in outdoors are easy

To be exposed to damages from dust, bird secretion, and snow.

The contaminated modules lead to solar panel

Lower collectability of sunlight and hygienic problems,

Reducing revenues considerably

  • Contaminations from Bird Secretion
  • Contaminations from Yellow Dust
  • Damages from Heavy Snow

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