Importance Of Yoga Alliance Certification

There are debates among the Yoga teachers(and practitioners) about the necessity of getting yourself and your studio certified by Yoga Alliance. Due to career change motivation, many Yoga teachers fly to India, Bali, or Thailand to take the 200 hours, 300 hours, 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training program. The training completion rewards you with a certificate which is valid for being a part of international yoga communities.

There are some yoga teachers might have opened their own studio and it’s flooded with participants even without certification. Nothing is wrong with it, but it doesn’t deny the facts that Yoga Alliance certification has produced many more successful yoga teachers around the world. We’ll show you that Yoga Alliance certification provides many benefits which make it so important.

What is Yoga Alliance :-  Yoga Alliance is a global non-profit institution representing the Yoga community. One of the Yoga Alliance functions is to certify the Yoga Schools with Registered Yoga School(RYS) and Yoga teachers with Registered Yoga Teachers(RYT) around the world. 

Better Market Exposure :-  Once you’re certified with RYT, you’ll be connected with Yoga Alliance’s directory. This is where thousands of yoga visitors looking for registered instructors or teachers. It’s an inclusive environment where you can optimize your profile with convincing contents to attract more trainees. It also gives you access to Registered Yoga Schools(RYS).

Access to Resources :-  As a certified Yoga teacher, you can access the educational materials including scripts, video footages, documentation, and other things can support your yoga class. You can learn how to promote your yoga studio, design workshops, and so forth.

Protection :-  Yoga Alliance protects their member from any unfair regulation against your rights to teaching yoga anywhere you live. Yoga Alliance has a strong vision on spread and diversity of yoga practice. The Alliance will protect your yoga practice from any industrial threats.

Connectivity :-  Once you’re being a part of Yoga Alliance’s directory, your name will gain a worldwide exposure to prospective participants and students. It’s not merely about the search engine, but how you get connected with other Yoga Alliance’s ambassadors and team members who are readily referring you to any yoga practitioners from around the world.

Perks :-  The certified teacher of Yoga Alliance can enjoy the perks including discounts, special offers, and even scholarship as you’re going to continue your training or when taking an advanced Yoga training on RYS.

How To Find Perfect Yoga Teacher Training Schools?

  • Ensure that the teacher training schools are certified with Yoga Alliance’s RYS
  • Consult the Yoga Alliance about the particular style/type of yoga practice
  • Choose the one with strong yoga anatomy programs
  • Research the track records of Yoga Schools, choose the one with extensive experience and positive trainee feedback.
  • Research yoga instructor and ensure that they have extensive experiences and are certified with RYT.

Conclusions :-  Yoga Alliance certification gives you many benefits to your yoga practices and careers. Get your studio certified with YRS could be the second thought but you’ll definitely need yourself certified with YRT especially you’re aiming to teach yoga in your home country.

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