Moving to New York City: What Not To Pack

So you have planned to move to the New York? The main thing to consider is to pack all the necessary items for your move. You will be having lots of important belongings to pack for your next house.

The other important aspect to consider is what not to pack while moving to the New York City. Our New York local movers have listed some important tips about what not to pack:

1. Get rid of your old stuff and old clothes

Throw, donate or sell all the old stuff that you feel you don’t need in your new house.

Like everyone, you might be having a bunch of dresses or clothes that you never wear and are they are just taking up space in your wardrobe. Those out-of-fashion shift dresses of yours which you think are no longer special for you, or that old checkered-blazer of yours that has simply shrunk with the time, while you were just wondering to wear it again on getting slim again, give them away. The ones with stains, the ones that are torn, ripped, throw them away. The pair of unwanted shoes, the old bedding which you no longer use, the first-ever coffee-maker, that old couch which you feel wouldn’t go with your new house’s interiors, the old-fashioned kitchen range, the wall clock which is just going to be a misfit with your new place, sell them away!

This will aid you in making you move a bit less stressful. Lesser the stuff, lesser is the stress of packing.

2. Get rid of unwanted paper

Moving is the right time to get rid of all those unwanted papers and books stacked up in the cupboards from years. Not packing the old bills, books, paper calendars, phonebooks, makes an absolute sense. If you can’t do it while deciding what not to pack for moving to the New York, you wouldn’t be able to it well any other time. There might be some papers or books that you want to re-read in the future too. So, prioritize on what papers and books you need and what not.

Caution: Double check any private info on the documents while getting rid of them.

3. Dangerous goods: A big No-No

Do not pack the dangerous goods, the goods that are flammable.

We strongly say do not pack liquor, kerosene, any kind of oil – motor oil or lamp oil, cooking oil, guns and ammunition, fireworks, nail polish and removers, matchboxes, and many more. Packing all these can be really hazardous and risk-taking. Avoid packing them at all costs.

4. Do not pack perishable items

Perishable items like fruits and vegetables, whether frozen or fresh, should never go in the moving truck for obvious reasons. The food rotted and thereby attracts insects, and releases a really bad odor which can affect all other belongings.

5. A big no-no to packing toiletries

Except for those expensive skin products from Clinique and makeup products from the high-end brands, do not pack the toiletries, even if you are moving a short distance.

Packing the toiletries and paying for their move is going to cost you more than buying the new ones. Moreover, there are changes in their spillage which can cause damage to other stuff too.

Here’s what you should do with the unpacked belongings

Now that you have packed all the important stuff, you are left with the unpacked stuff that needs to be sorted. Obviously, the left out stuff is the belonging that you are looking for to get rid of. Consider the ways that you can adapt to deal with these:

  • Discard away If you don’t need your belongings the best practice is to discard them away. The torn out clothes, bedsheets, etc. are of no use so it is better to throw them away. These are really of no other use.

  • Sell them away Sort out the things that you do not need to pack for New York. Search the Internet for some good sites where you can sell your unwanted belongings. Arrange a good old garage sale. Earn some money with items you won’t carry to New York.

  • Donating The unwanted stuff that you think not to sell or throw should be donated to some charity near you. Donate your old clothes, books, records, and everything that you don’t want to take with you to the New York. Donating what you really do not need to make an absolute sense.

Moving to New York can be one of the best experiences of your life. Pack only what you need for your living and get yourself out of an awful lot of fuss for something you aren’t going to use again.

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