Overview of Endo Motor & Endo Magic opener file in Wonhyo inc

Wonhyo Inc. started out its business in 1967 and has been in this dental device business over 50 years. We grew steadily over the years and have been making our efforts to distribute the high-quality dental products in Korea and also provide our customerswith quick customer service.

With our efficient and scientific management we provide superior service to our customers and we put top priority on the customer’s satisfaction. provides the best products through stable and efficient organizational structure.


  • GT3+
  • Compatible
  • For any ordinary Ni-Ti File
  • T-One File, Protaper
  • Reverse
  • One File, Wave one, Reciprocal


Magic Opener file


Sharpening cutting edges due to the innovating manufacturing process Phenomenon of screwing

avoided thanks to frontal cutting edges Low stress on the instrument and the root canal because of

equal cutting force on the active part Respect the root canal anatomy Easy, safe and comfort High

cutting power Double cutting edges.

Magic PATH file:

  • Specification
  • Tip Size : #17
  • Taper : .02%
  • Length : 21mm / 25mm / 31mm
  • Speed : 250~450 rpm
  • Torque : 2.5~5.0 N/cm

PATH file Gold:

Faster instrumentation time Less canal transportation than with manual  files  overcome small ledges

Great solution for calcio ed canals.Not only make glide path but also shape the coronal part Superior flexibility.Better fatigue stress resistance Easy to use.

Unique features

  1. Special nano coating:
  • Extended Life
  • Resistance to wear and fatigue breakdown
  1. Feature:
  • Asymmetric design
  • Highly efficient cutting
  • NO SCREW-IN effect
  • Efficient debris removal


  1. Scout: HAND FILE #10
  • Glide path : Magic Path File #17
  • Finish : Magic file
  1. Organizer
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Fully autoclavable

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