Popular Website Design Trends to Keep in Mind for Now

Website is considered digital front door of almost all modern-day business organisations, hence, you must design and develop it with greatest caution. While seeking third party assistance might seem viable but if you wish taking things into your own hand as well as save a few bucks in the process, try keeping certain trends such as glitch art, minimalism, micro-interactions, black & white palettes, etc. in mind. For details, check out below-mentioned pointers.

  1. Diversity- Renowned professionals offering quality SEO packages Melbourne for an affordable price have said that internet connects people from all across the globe, regardless of their age, gender, culture, and ability. They all want their own personality to be reflected via content rather than grinning at photo models. Thus, entrepreneurs must take bigger steps towards inclusiveness by enhancing accessibility standards, incorporating socially conscious imagery, etc.


  1. Thumb-Friendly Navigation- Mobile browsing has acquired much popularity so much so that maximum online searches or activities are conducted using smartphone and tablet. A well-known digital marketing professional has said that use of thumb when operating mobile devices must be integrated in web designing process right away. Navigation customised to human thumb such as of hamburger menu is preferred by each contemporary consumer.


  1. Black & White Palettes- Colour is a significant website element that cultivates distinct mood, unites brand, and leads users through interface by fabricating visual landmarks. Black & white palettes are noted for making impressive statements nowadays. White is clean, reserved, and black is strong, assertive; when combined together, both of them generate a striking look. You can also add accent shades, which would allow points of interest to stand out but not break the monochrome.


  1. Micro-Interactions- Every time a user carries out actions on website or application, the response created after is called micro-interaction. For instance, hearing a beep sound after refreshing Twitter page or seeing number of messages increase when doing the same with Facebook page. Micro-interactions can engage targeted audience so that receive information very subtly.

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  1. Minimalism- Minimalism is an eternal website trend or something that can never go out of style. According to latest studies, fewer elements are preferred because too much data on a single page confuses visitors. You can invest in faded effects or animation, which not only makes scrolling quite fascinating but also provide website an exceptional opportunity to space out its content.


  1. Video- Apart from expanding webpages, video caters to those consumers, who are busy, and cannot waste scanning lots of text. Google is now featuring videos above conventional content, thus, business owners should start prioritising them.


  1. Glitch Art- Glitches are believed to be important at present when computers have become quite pervasive. We are scared of machines taking over human race but at the same time we do not know how to survive without machines. Well, glitch art intensifies this particular sense of disorientation by letting websites look psychedelic.

According to top-notch professionals carrying out website design Melbourne, implementing each trend specified above cautiously would increase total amount of traffic along with conversion rate, and let your online company become prosperous within a more or less short period.

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