Selecting Patient for Calf Reduction Surgery

For some, the usage of cosmetic surgery is a practical solution to help ameliorate any emotional or mental challenges, related with image associated self-consciousness. Cosmetic surgery has progressed significantly and plastic surgeons are utilizing some of the most advanced technology accessible, to keep their patients looking and feeling their absolute best.

This article will discuss the importance of selecting a patient, suitable for cosmetic calf and ankle liposuction procedure.

Patient Selection

Thick calves and ankles in a generally not overweight female is not an uncommon issue. It is frustrating for these women because this is the way their body was made, and isn’t a reflection of their laziness to try and reduce it. While liposuction is usually done all over the body, the calf and ankle isn’t an area that’s treated by every plastic surgeon.

I find that the calf reduction surgery can be a highly effective procedure. But, not like other areas where liposuction is performed, patient selection and training are critical if a good result is to be achieved. Above all else, this isn’t a procedure for overweight patients. Liposuction below the knee is for the patient, who is out of proportion. Somebody who is thick in the knee and ankle zone, however, isn’t obese. Nor is it useful for legs that are thick as a result of being very muscular or big-boned. In neither of these patients would you be able to get a nice shape, regardless of how much fat you remove.

How to Select?

The ideal test is to pinch up the region between the fingers and check whether you can ‘pinch an inch’. On the off chance that the skin and tissues are thick and can not be made to bunch up between the fingers, this is a poor sign for a great outcome.

While doing calf and ankle liposuction the main approach is spot reduction. This implies treating only a few areas to get more shape, for example, just below the knee inside the lower leg and then from the inner calf down to the ankle. The aim is to achieve a better calf outline and shape.


The ideal approach to determine the perfect areas to suction is, to have the patient stand on their toes and outline the calf muscle, marking above and below the muscle outline.

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