Soaring Demand for Textile-related Products to Propel the Market for Textile Finishing Chemicals during 2017-2025

According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the global textile finishing chemicals market will grow remarkably during 2017-2025 owing to the rising demand for textile-related products such as footwear, sports apparel, and various other leisure and sports products in various developing countries.

Through applications of textile finishing chemicals, a product receives its desirable end-use qualities. These textile finishing chemicals enhance or facilitate change on the surface characteristics of the fiber, in terms of the application that is required. Textile materials, fibers and yearns use these chemicals to improvise its properties. Moreover, these textile finishing chemicals render resistance to particular environmental factors. Different textile finishing chemicals that are presently available in the market include pH regulators, dispersing agents, dye-protective agents, surfactants, dyes, etc.

The global market for textile finishing chemicals is segmented in terms of type of chemical into textile finishes, textile colorants, and textile auxiliaries. Textile finishes are chemicals used to render specific properties to the material. Examples of textile finishes include binders, UV stabilizers, and antimicrobial agents. On the other hand, textile coolants are those chemicals that assist in the protection of colors in textiles which also make them more attractive. UV absorbers, pH regulators, dye-protective agents, dyes, and fixing agents are some of the examples of textile colorants.

Textile auxiliaries are chemicals that comprehend a very wide range of functions. These textile auxiliaries chemicals help in self-cleaning of textile. These chemicals also assist in enhancing and smoothing its properties of easy care. Dispersing agents, wetting agents, surfactants, and complexing agents are some of the examples of textile auxiliaries.

To know more about each segment of the textile finishing chemicals market and the overall market outlook, click here.

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