Things to Consider while Choosing Between Free and Paid Magento Themes

Determining a Magento theme for your online store may be confusing but don’t let it overpower you. There are a no. of Magento development agencies present worldwide that offer you a complete assistance in theme selection. Though apart from consulting any company or developer, you can also analyze your needs and scrutinize the things on your own. Here, in this article, you will find some of the key facts that will make your choice easy and more confident.

Magento eCommerce continually presents whole new exciting capabilities that helps you to expand a small scaled business’ overall platform to a great extent. And, Magento offers you a plethora of free and premium themes that you may find useful in accordance with your distinctive business needs.

There is no doubt that Magento themes leave a huge impact on your online store’s profitability. Almost in every case, the theme you opt for your eStore ascertains the experience for your visitors. Thus, choosing the correct Magento theme is an earnest decision to make that shouldn’t be considered in a light or carefree manner. Magento web stores that place a very little consideration for theme selection usually face a steady decline in its revenues.

And, most of the Magento users don’t understand the difference between needs and benefits of free, paid and customized theme development. Each one of these styles of theming your Magento stores unleashes a different scope of advancement or growth. Let dig in more about them below:

Free of Cost Magento Theme

A perfect way to initiate a Magento store when you do not have an adequate amount of time and money to spend on your online project right now. Magento offers you a wide range of free of cost Magento themes that can serve various needs of your initial stages of eCommerce store.

Key Benefits

– Completely free
– easy to set up
– no coding required in usual

Undoubtedly, free Magento themes can be fast and work effectively. Though there are some cons associated with these. You may end up with a very basic functionality and look that is not even supporting any new features or enhancements. Moreover, the free themes aren’t really optimized for offering you the best conversion rates.

Paid & Customized Magento Theme

Paid or Customized Magento themes have two great advantages i.e. advanced features/functionalities and a scope of customization. Such Magento themes also support future updates, a large active community, and good customer support. Some of the major benefits that you can get along paid Magento themes are as follows:

1. Features and scope of extendability: It is an obvious fact that if we pay for something, the seller can not take us for granted and can not offer a shallow experience. Every paid theme irrespective of its cost offers you a set of features or functionalities that can be useful for your business. Furthermore, you can extend their functionalities with a customized approach while hiring Magento web developers.

2. a complete technical support from the theme development company

3. completely optimized for SERP and SEO operations.

Creating Magento Theme from scratch

In case you are specific about your business needs and are not able to find the satisfactory results in any of free or paid Magento themes then also you are left with a lot of scopes. You can have your theme built from scratch with a technical assistance.

The best thing about such Magento theme development is that it covers the functionalities or features that you ask for. You do not need to pay for the unwanted ones in order to get the features that match your business needs like in the case of premium themes.

Key Benefits

– You get what you want
– unique security and SEO advantages
– reduced efforts
– support of technical team
– you can choose whom to hire
– decide your own budget and more.

Final Words

It is quite easy to see that every theme whether free or paid has its own advantages and limitations to an extent. However, a more customized approach toward theme design & development can offer you a great balance of features and your business needs. It is always recommended by experts who hold years of experience in the digital industry.

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