Time For Festive Make Up Shopping!

The fall is the beginning of the festival season. It is time to glam up for the festivities. But with the list of       expenditure growing, clothes, parties, food, drinks, gifts, you budget might get a little tight. By any means, should you let that stop you from looking like the diva you were born to be? Definitely not. There is not a single occasion one should miss to look like the absolute queen that they are. After all, life is short. Time flies, and never comes back!

To feel good, and look good, to celebrate and enjoy to the maximum, you can make an endless list of make up products to buy. Because, BH Cosmetics sales are going on. The brand has great latest, in trend make up products, with promising quality and affordable prices. The discounted prices are rock bottom. You can fill up your cart and order on. With the latest trends coming in, you can shop for the look you want, without causing too much unnecessary train on your pocket.

To glam up your look, you can buy these budget color palettes, available at cut slash prices:

  • BH Cosmetics Nude Rose 12 color Eyeshadow palette: It has shimmery nude colors with satin and matte finish, perfect for your eyes for high lighting and adding depth
  • Blushed Neutrals 26 color Eyeshadow and Blush palette: High pigmented colors, with shades like peach, brown, rose; it is a versatile combination of shadow and blush
  • Aurora Lights 18 color baked Eyeshadow palette: These are magical high shine shimmers in iridescent colors, inspired by the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. Perfect for a glam diva.
  • Take me Back to Brazil 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette: This super pigmented palette comes in a variety of bright and bold colors with rich color payoff on application
  • Galaxy chic 18 color Eyeshadow palette: This palette has 18 shades, inspired by the galaxy. The shades are glittery and brilliant, absolutely gorgeous. Some of my favorites are Pluto, which is a deep purplish shade; Meteor is a turquoise with a tinge of silvery glitter, and Saturn, which is gold-brown shade as beautiful as the planet.
  • Supernova 18 color Baked Eyeshadow palette: The palette contains a selection of star struck colors, high in shine and shimmer, perfect for the festivities! This palette is special because of its range of shades, from silver and blues, to pinks, greens, and browns, yellow, golden, the palette has it all.

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