Tips to choose the best Eames DSR Chair for your office

When we need to buy an office chair we have to keep a lot of things in mind. Since a major time of the employees is spent on their desk obviously the design should be such that it helps their back stay strong. To help you we bring some tips to choose the best Eames DSR Chair for your office.

  • Fullback– The office chair you pick should have a fullback so that the people can rest their backs comfortably. Apart from that, it should have reclining positions, adjustable height, and other features as well.
  • Waterfall seatsThe Corona Chair has a waterfall type and that is why it is such a popular office chair. This design helps in even distribution of the weight and makes it comfortable. The edge of its seat pan should be contoured such that the thighs and buttocks are not compressed in any form.
  • 90 degrees angle– Your joints especially the lower ones should be placed at a 90 degrees angle. If that is not happening it means the chair is not suited to your needs. Try changing the same or adjust it in a manner that the alignment is correct.
  • Breathable upholstery– Obviously you do not want your employees to develop abrasion or itching because of the seat material. Always pick up an office chair whose upholstery is breathable and has a medium texture.
  • No tools– The office chair you pick should be such that it should not need any tools to adjust as per your need. Your employees should be able to relax without worrying about whether they are comfy or not.
  • Ability to move– Any office chair should have the ability to let you move around freely. In case that is not happening, it means there is a small glitch somewhere. If you do not feel the movement while testing the chair it means the choice you are making is not correct.

If you are in need of an appropriate office chair like The Ox Chair you can contact us at We have a wide range of office chairs available as per your need. Go through the same and analyze them before finally taking a call. All the chairs are aesthetically designed and add up to the look quotient of your office without compromising on the comfort factor. Choose the best ones and won’t you be pleased with the convenience you receive in exchange.

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