What To Know about Brooklyn Before You Move In?

Are you moving to Brooklyn New York, Eh?

Brooklyn is one of the lively and affordable boroughs of the New York City. With a whopping 2.6 million people, it is the most populous place to live in after Manhattan in NY. For all the artistic hipsters and the young professionals, Brooklyn is the most sought out place to live in. Surrounded by the good neighbors, Brooklyn has its own vibes of coziness and comfort.

Brooklyn is one of the best boroughs of the NYC. You do not believe me? Keep reading.

1. Neighborhoods

Brooklynites live in a tight-sewn community which makes Brooklyn so unique. With more than 30 neighborhoods, Brooklyn gives you a great opportunity to choose your type of place to live in. Each neighborhood has its own charm, price tags, and, amenities. Here is an overview of the few neighborhoods:

  • Northern Brooklyn: This area is a home to Williamsburg. It attracts professional hipsters and is very multicultured.

  • Northwestern Brooklyn: Close to Manhattan, this area is ideal for commuting. It is a high-priced neighborhood.

  • Central Brooklyn: This area has 17 neighborhoods here. It is a very diverse area but some have high crime – rate.

  • South Brooklyn:  This area is located near the central subway station. It is great for families.

The area has a variety of friendly neighborhoods.

  • Southern Brooklyn: In this area, you will find the famous Coney Island and the Brighton Beach. As these areas are a tourist place, so these can be very expensive. There is an affordable and attractive area called Sheepshead Bay.

  • Southwestern Brooklyn: It is an ethnically diverse area having a population of Chinese, Russians, and more.

  • Southeastern Brooklyn: This area is great for middle-class families. It is ideal for families.

  • Eastern Brooklyn: Highland Park neighborhood is a great neighborhood to live in. Some areas have a high rate.

Each neighborhood boasts of its unique and distinct personality that it has.

2. Life In Brooklyn

Life in Brooklyn is not less than amazing. It is quite happening. There is a variety of restaurants to get your favorite foods, lots of coffee-shops, and, tons of places to hang out with friends. Embrace the exotic Brooklyn’s charm. There is a huge range of options in cuisine and entertainment.

3. Finding Apartment

There is a myriad apartment in Brooklyn to live in. There are many places where you can find an apartment for you to live in. The neighborhoods like Park Slope, Crown Heights, Bay Ridge, Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, and Bushwick, Sheepshead Bay, etc. are some of a few areas where you can either buy or rent an apartment to live in. Hunting an apartment is cheaper in Brooklyn as compared to Manhattan.

If you are moving to Brooklyn soon, it is recommended to hire the expert movers in Brooklyn NY as they are well aware of the borough.

5. Transportation

Brooklyn is separated from Manhattan by East River. If you want to travel to Manhattan via car, there are 4 bridges to cross: Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, and, the Brooklyn bridge.
The other ways to reach the city is by subway. The Atlantic Pacific subway is the main subway and it enables you to travel through the city easily. The third option is via Ferries.

6. Nightlife at Brooklyn

There are tons of options when it comes to the nightlife in Brooklyn. You can find a variety of bars to grab your mugs of beer. Amongst all the best place to chill is the Union Hall. It is a trendy warehouse-turned-bar with outdoor garden seating, great ambiance, lively music, cozy fireplaces to sit and drink by, a bustling happy hour, and, friendly people around.

So, moving into the Brooklyn will totally be exciting! What do you think?

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